Does she want attention?

This girl posted a picture of her and her boyfriend in a world-renowned event 5 days after it was done.

I can understand a casual click on the same day/next day, but 5 days? Is she looking for people to gush about her or something.


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  • And you care because... ?

    • That's beside the point.

    • Actually no, that IS the point. There could be a time of reasons. Maybe she thought she posteddy it earlier but it didn't save. Or maybe she's been in a location where her Internet connection sucked. Or maybe the pic was on someone else's phone or camera and she just now got it from them.

      Is this a rival girl for you for some reason?

    • it's weird.

      Super, super weird.

      It was Independent day. Everything is over and someone randomly brings it up.

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