Backpacking in India (or any tropical/developing country), any advice for what to pack?

Aside from the obvious... For example, one good tip I got from a friend was to bring diarrhoea medication in case I get sick. Anything else like this? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE SO HELPFUL! :)


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  • Insect repellent - however, there's some type of insect repellent that you should spray all over your clothes and let them dry for days. This will help keep the insect repellent on your clothes after they are washed. My buddy works in India several weeks each year and he does this. I forgot the brand of repellent. My wife, a trailrider, uses it too.

    Mosquito net


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  • - A travel guide with phrases in the local language.
    - pepper spray
    - map
    - medication for dizziness, fever, headaches, muscle pains or any ailment you think you may fall ill to

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