Is a 15 hour a month voluntary role too much if you already work full time?

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  • It sounds to much.


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  • Depends what else you're doing, it's definitely doable.

    15 extra hours a month added onto a 40 hour week is about 3.75 extra a week so it depends how it's scheduled. You could do that all on a day off or one day after work each week, wouldn't be to much.

    • But that has to include at least 1 overnight shift

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    • Volunteer for what?

    • Listening on phones. Befrienders.

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What Girls Said 1

  • thats about 2-3 h a week. depends on what kind of job you are doing, and what sort of volunteer work.

    • Monday - Friday 9-5 job. Volunteer work is taking calls from people in distress as a befriender

    • it doesn't sound too bad then, especially if you spread it out over a few days.

    • It has to be once a week.

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, it is. Investing 15hrs of your time, where you'll get no financial compensation is wasting time.