Do you think feminism is starting to take on the kind of negative characteristics associated with racism?

Do you believe yelling out "girl power" has the same negative connotations as yelling out "black power" or "white power" and do you think feminism alienates men in the same way anti white racism or anti black racism alienates white people and vice versa?

Even if feminism doesn't mean the same thing to all "feminists" do you think the negative connotations the word has come to represent are cause for the term to be classified as negative from a peaceful standpoint due to the extremist nature and practices of some feminists?

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  • I'm a feminist and I think with all the feminazis there are its painting a bad reputation on the message board of the entire thing. nowadays you can't say you're a feminist without gettin shit for it. so slowly its becoming a bad thing like the 'white power' thing to other people, but not necessarily 'girl power' cause feminists want equal rights as men


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  • feminism has been a hate movement for fifty years. its just hasn't been part of American culture to call women on their shit.


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  • Well first of all, I don't think feminism is really for men, they fight for women's rights, not men's. Feminism as we know it today largely ignores the struggles of women of colour. They believe being able to dye their armpit hair blue is more important than fighting for the rights of young girls getting married to middle aged men in many parts of the world. Feminism alienates anyone who is not a (white) Western woman.

    • So it does alienate men since its very much against their freedoms. For example marrying a young woman in his middle age.
      OK so you should've voted yes by that logic.

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    • Yes I do and I rest it. If you read the question properly you'll see why exactly what you wrote just goes to America's mattress and buys a 4 poster bed for my case to rest in.

    • Not all feminists are dumb so no, you can refund the bed.

  • You are seriously going lop sided with this issue.

  • Sorry.. But..
    'Girl Power!! :P '

    • Man power backhands girl power back into the kitchen

What Guys Said 3

  • Christ, this place is full of idiots. You people need to get off the internet and get some real world exposure.

  • Feminist?= deal breaker

  • They are becoming a hate group in their own right, and the biggest hate groups in the world today do NOT consist of white men!