Should I just find a new roommate asap or try talking AGAIN?

So my roommate is getting on my damn nerves. Now it's LGBT dorm housing and I moved here since I'm trans and felt it'll be safer until I know what the college is like. Unfortunately, first semester and I'm ready to just beat her ass. Let me just state that I'm 18 and she's 21, so keep that in mind.
1) Doesn't clean up her mess, but persistently tells ME to.
2) Doesn't take out the trash because A) they don't know how (without a bag and I did it four times), B) It's too cold (I went without a coat, jacket, socks, and shoes several times), and her latest excuse C) Well, not much of it is mines anyway.
3) If you walk into the living room, most of the shit out is hers. Like almost all of it, actually. Four people and most of everything in the living room is HER SHIT. Which we've stated on several occassions for her to clean up.
4) We share the room and her side is MESSY. Like it's annoying. I've expressed this and her response was, "not your side, not your problem." Yeah, true. Except her shit always is in MY way.
5) She refuses to clean the bathroom sink with HER hair in it. It can not possibly be anyone elses as I have less than 1/2in of hair and she's the only fucking ginger. She says she doesn't want to touch anyone elses. Funny, because everyone else touches hers. I just don't touch hair. My mom cleaned her own hair, my granma cleans her own hair, I cleaned what little I left. If everyone in my own house does, what makes anyone else think I'll up and clean everyones here?
6 (Big issue) She can legally drink. All good, okay okay. But she comes home HUNG OVER and attempts to tell me why I shouldn't be going out to a party since I could get drunk. Four times she's come home drunk, once with a girl who turned 18 like a week prior.
7 (the biggest issue) Just that and the fact that she then tries to act all knowing and motherly with me. Like due to her being 21 she can tell me what the fuck to do whenever. Not even nice, just plain rude and bossy too.


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  • If she's being a messy and disruptive roommate and it's affecting your ability to live comfortably I would say yes, you should probably find a new roommate.


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  • How do you prove you're trans with this? Cause I'd be willing to lie about it if that meant getting a female roommate.

    • You're a disgusting thirsty ass fucker. I'm in LGBT housing. Unless you wanna be stuck in a suite with people who identify as LGBT, shut the fuck up. Almost everyone in the building is gay, bi (but more attracted to the same gender) or trans. You want to "become" transgender, welcome to hell.

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    • Just shut up.

    • Hot damm can't you people take a joke? Like I'm actually gonna fuckin do that?

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  • Helloo 😀😊 nah, talking is obviously not gonna work with this girl. You are probably gonna have to find a new roomate or new place to live.

    Don't let one person get in the way of your studies though. I read in your profile that you are considering taking a year off. If it's because of this woman, she's not worth it.

    • Well hello :). The year off is not due to her. It's because I can't afford this and need to start getting money to at least afford food on a daily basis. If I can get into an apartment by May, I'll stay the year.

      In terms of her I sent an email in. I can't work with this girl.

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