Have you ever started a petty fight when younger and lost?

This was in 7th grade. Yes, it was me that pushed the other girl hard, whom was trying to basically say to stop arguing and ''you want to get smack right now''? Though, she did pointed a finger at my forehead (technically she touched me first), which pissed me off. After the push and me showing the ''I don't care, I ain't scare of no one'' attitude, obviously hairs were pulled and scratches, calling each other ''fucking bitch'' and a humiliating lost for me (along with one of her hand full of several of my hairs) in front of the whole class.

I lost it to a shorter and lighter girl who had lost a fight with another girl my size months ago. Basically if she was the loser, I was the double loser. It was me that got indoor suspension (well the assistant principle already didn't like me too much either and had me as a trouble maker) while the other girl got told to get back to class.

  • Yes I started it, lost the fight and it was stupid
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  • No, if I started something it was for a good reason and I always won
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and the fight was about a desk LOL
I was obviously angry I'd lost it and couldn't get much of her hair in my hands. The most silly part is I was thinking of a rematch but I never another excuse for a fight but there wasn't.


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  • What... I'm the only person who has admitted to starting and losing a fight before? (people are liars) Anyway, we used to fight a bit when we were kids in primary school all the time, I'd generally blow up after a verbal argument, I was average height but thin and weak, so yeah... I didn't always win, but I still fought.

    Then there is the even more humiliating, more recent stuff, so I do a martial art (HEMA), putting it simply its western sword fighting, I made the mistake of underestimating a little guy, I thought he was a new student, he turned out to be my senior and he was very skilled. We fought with longswords for 3 minutes, i didn't hit him cleanly once, as for me I couldn't sleep on my right side that night.

    • yeah, I can see how most don't want to admit to losing a fight but that's part of life. You can't win them all and it doesn't make you weak at all. Back then, I didn't want to give the girl the chance of scaring me out of it by her ''you want to get snack right away'' and putting a finger on my forehead as a warning. Even when I lost, I was at least proud of not backing out of it.

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  • No, I've never started or been in a fight.


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  • No but I once got punched and a teacher stepped in before I could throw back. Fuck teachers!

    • true. I still can't believe the assistant principle didn't send her to indoor suspension either. After all, it takes two to a fight and she deserved the punishment too.

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    • Yeah, most of them are dumb and useless, they can't work with other adults so they become teachers and give kids shit instead. lol

    • lol, you should get that bitch in the octagon!

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