What does the song hurt mean by Johnny Cash?

It seems really depressing... but he did a great job on this song.


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  • The song was originally written, and performed by, Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash only did a cover of it.

    It's about regret, addiction, and all the other bad choices we make in life. Johnny Cash performed it on his final album, before he passed away.

    When we look back on the choices we make, there will be regrets, and Johnny Cash had plenty of them, I'd imagine. He appropriated the song as a way of expressing some of those regrets.

    • Thank you! As much as I like the johnny cash cover it's annoying when people don't realize that NIN performed it originally

    • @Jmarx

      No problem. I remember hearing people say, "Did you hear that new Johnny Cash song," when it first came out, so I know how you feel, lol

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  • It means he hurts because of the crabs he contracted.

  • It's about his addictions and how he knows he has hurt the people closest to him with those behaviors.


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