How do certain people deal when their child is born differently from everyone?

Off course you still love them but I'm referring to their inicial reaction. What is going through their minds at the moment?

For instance if a child were to be born with a deformity or something else.

I have a feeling they must be undergoing a bit of depression too at the time, to see that mother nature made a mistake and that their child is 1 in 100 or 1 in 1,000 of the cases.


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  • I imagine there must be some moment when they think objetively, that that child won't get to grow like the others, and play like the others. That it's a chance in a million, and why did it need to happen to them. That maybe the kid will never be fully independent, and they will have to take care of him no matter what. They must think what other people will think of them and how their reactions are gonna be. If they aren't wealthy, they must think that there are gonna be a lot of expenses depending on the severity of the situation, and that their lifes may depend on money offers from family and/or charity.
    Think if it's really worth it, in the scence, that they don't really know what the kid can feel or think, and appreciate/isn't aware their efforts.

    Then comes the parent love that shades all those thoughts away and brings the strenght to face the reality and nature makes them love it no matter what.
    But I believe at some point, those thoughts come up to their minds.


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  • I would imagine 99% of parents look down at their baby and think
    "I love this child, they are perfect to me"
    Or I'd like to think so!

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