Will my iphone get fixed by immersing it in rice for days?

It fell in the toilet. I quickly picked it up (ew i know) . I cleaned it then i blow dried it a little bit with the hair dryer. It became hot so i placed it in the freezer for like 20 seconds just to cool down. Now , when i click on the home button once , siri opens up. And when i click on any buttons no sound is produced. Even though , when i recieve notifications/calls it rings. Will my home button start working normally if i placed it in rice for a couple days?


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  • Blow druer was a bad idea


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  • You likely killed it with the blow dryer and freezer, extreme heat changes are terrible for metals, especially the circuits...

    I have saved many phones with a bag of rice from full submersion though!

    • Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk bro :(
      And yeah my phone was fully submerged as well. For how long did you keep it in the rice bag? Till it started working again?

    • no, for like 2 weeks. The more you check it and take it out, the less effective it is.

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  • Maybe, maybe not. There are no guarantees with this sort of thing.