Something happened during a soccer game with me and this girl, should I apologize to her and was I wrong in what I did?

We were playing an intramural soccer game at our school. Now me and this girl really don't like each other at all. She was shit talking me all game and i'm more of a conservative person so i didn't reply. Instead she had the ball and i went to go slide tackle her and i clipped her ankle and she went down in pain. The other team was companing and cause it was more of a friendly game, i got kicked out (red carded). Technically i should have never done that but i was kinda mad inside of me.

Should say sorry to her?


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  • I would say sincerely to her
    that you shouldn't have let her get into your head, which put more ump into your tackle than intended... could you ask her to forgive you, even perhaps make it up to her with a coffee together?

    Many who are confrontational are actually attracted emotionally... might be a match, me thinks

    • well i didn't mean to aim for ankle, the ball was their but she moved her ankle and then i clipped it. She ALWAYS teases me. In the game too she was with me the whole time and just friendly trash talked. But i dont like her because of this, i don't think she likes me either. But according to you she might acutally like me?

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    • Then you agree that all this to do about nothing was simply HER way to get your attention. Give her time and she'll learn better ways to do this

    • yea that's true

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  • No. Just because she's a girl doesn't mean you can't make the same soccer moves on her that you do on guys. She can verbally bother you with the exception of offensive content but your move does not necessarily count as an attack for physical pain on her. Unless it's clearly seen that it was your main goal to hurt her. Either way I don't think apologizing is gonna help you.

    • nothing offensive just the normal trash talk. No i would never ever slide tackle her to hurt her. I was going for the ball but she moved her left ankle and my cleat clipped it while i got the ball.

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