Why are Swedish game developers so awesome?

Most indie game developers are Swedish. Like the guys who made Year Walk. And the Westpoint Independent. It's still in alpha but I really enjoyed it.

Swedish people in general are just like regular people (except instead of dealing with real problems like people getting blown up and corrupted politicians, their biggest problem is immigrants who won't assimilate. And they're blonde).

I used to think they were awesome in general, but I've met some non-awesome racist ones (not surprisingly, the racist gals were on GaG and one vain idiot + one normal idiot was on Periscope.). But still, along with other Scandinavian countries, Sweden is one of the most awesome countries in the world. They have IKEA. Denmark has LEGOs and the creator of SATW comics (God bless her). Norway is rich bc they have all that oil.


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    but honestly after the murders in that school we became worried about the immigrants. We want to help more out but there are those nationalists who grows more and more by their propaganda about keeping Sweden Swedish. I don't know how we can live like that... I mean the most popular meal in Sweden after meatballs is a kebab pizza. And its so popular we have more pizzerias than normal restaurants here.
    Also Sweden loves creativity. So we have a lot of game designers who do what they love.
    The reason why we are so stable is because of our socialist system. The poor doesn't need to live so horribly bad and the very rich (I'm talking about 100K a Month rich) has to pay 50% tax to help those of need.

    • Well, I wouldn't want unskilled immigrants opening kebab places everywhere either. We have 2,000,000 Syrians, I kind of understand how it's like. But you shouldn't be prejudiced against everyone.

      My aunt lives in Maastricht, Netherlands and she's just like those Turks who live in ghettos in Germany. She doesn't see herself as a part of the country. Never speaks Dutch with her son, barely fluent in the language after more than 10 years. On the other hand, she has a friend who moved there as a baby and she's the most awesome person I've ever met. Open minded, a contributing citizen, speaks several languages, the only downside is that she's a little vain.

      I gave up on going to Sweden (I was thinking about it since a few months) because those guys you're talking about (Keep Sweden Swedish) would never consider me Swedish even if I became a citizen. So I'm thinking about Canada instead.

    • Do that, we bullying none swedes is popular here sadly, although my French teacher is from the Netherlands and everyone loves here, it really depends on what you work with, the higher up in school progress the more open people are.
      But yeah Canada is almost Sweden but you don't need to change the language, at least in Quebec :)

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  • The grass is altijd greener on the other side huh. Even Sweden has their down points like alcoholism and rape, but overall the rule is 'Scandinavia always does it better'.

    • Psh, everyone has that kind of problems. At least in Sweden, judges don't say ''You wouldn't get raped if you didn't wear that skirt!!!'' (Right?)

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    • @awkwardlord the resource was trustable though. It was from a website of a dutch newspaper.
      What kind of Muslims are you? Do you go to the mosque a lot, does your mother/sisters wear a hijab?

    • I go to the mosque as often as I can, that doesn't make religious. My mother wears a hijab willingly, and I mean it, because we lost our father since 2007 and she refused to show her hair because she likes our religion, more than I do.

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