Have you ever had a dream so obscure that you woke up confused and a little scared?

I just had a dream that went from normal everyday stuff that just feels a little outta place to full on acid trip and it made me realize how different dreams could be. One second I'm trying to help a friend find some paper in a classroom the next second the rooms changing colors and people are speaking jibberish in distorted voices or repeating "it's okay to be crazy. Right?" while some awesome genre destroying music played in the background. I kept getting attacked by toy souldiers and these automatic transformer toys kept driving around switching from robot to car on thier own. My niece was a baby again and kept crying two inches from my ear. People kept reaching thier hands out at me but they would stretch into noodles. Biggest WTF moment I've had in my life and it was all in my head. I'm a little worried now so I figured why not ask GAG.


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  • Oh yeah, so many times!

  • Haha, not that weird or random but yeah.
    Plenty of times.


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