How in the world are the Union Jack and now poppies offensive?

This just came up on my twitter feed about couple of minutes ago;

This topic has been brought up a lot, along with how the Union Jack is considered offensive, as a native white British guy I seriously clearly do not see how either of these are offensive, poppy's have been used in our cultrue for a long time, this is just ridicious.


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  • Its because its 'offensive' to other cultures! I am in no way racist, I promise you that, in fact my best friend is mixed race. But the way I see it, if you want to live in our country you should respect our traditions like we do in other countries, (well maybe not everyone but they should) I'm a cadet (a sergeant) and so I had to march In our remembrance parade and it is astonishing how many people turn up to pay respect to the fallen who fought for our country. No one should be trying to stop that... I don't understand why people would have a problem with an event that takes place once a year to remember the people who gave their lives for country :)


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