Am I bad for not wanting to say "Happy Birthday"?

I don't like this whole thing of wishing.
I can't remember birthdays and I really don't care and people seem to give many fucks about it.
Any opinions?


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  • Perhaps regardless of whether you think it's pointless or not, it might mean something to that person, it doesn't take much to say it and if they'll appreciate it then thats nice !
    I deffo get where you're coming from but sometimes we do things for other people just for them :)

    • Yeah but not a single fuck was created from the Fuck Factory even after I read your opinion. Well yeah congrats you are closer to death than before.

    • erm ok, so you don't care about your loved ones feelings? Ok, but you get what you give out.. If you don't give out love, compassion and care to other people don't be surprised when you don't get it back.

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  • In my opinion birthdays are just you coming more closer to death. So I dont celebrate mine but do celebrate others, just so I dont hurt their feelings.

    • Age has no correlation with death. You can die at any age. It's more likely you'll die via age by the time you are actually old, but your chances of dying of other causes rather than age are significantly higher. Most people don't just die from old age.

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    • @AnOrdinaryGirl45 ah ok, I only said because it seemed like you WERE focusing on it :P
      Birthdays should be celebrating that you DID make it another year !

    • @Suhmer Yeah I guess so ;) !

  • Well I guess if you don't care then you don't care

    • It's easy if you don't have a mom telling you: "What an insensitive piece of shit are you? You think you will survive if no one has expectations from you? You will die alone."

    • That's a harsh mum you have

    • Omg! She tells you that? I'm sorry!

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