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Do you think more critically and more open-minded as you grow or is it when you're matured enough and then you'll start have those. if so.. when do you usually be so? (ard my age? because I was thinking should I be more care-free? or should use my brain more? XD) (or is it i'm too matured or sth?)

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  • I think more and more critically AND more and more open-minded as I grow.
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  • I think more critically and more open-minded when I am matured.
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  • I am care-free, may be close-minded or also open-minded and I just want to see the results.
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  • I do not belong to any. Want to see the results.
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  • I think most people have a certain direction they tend to follow and only few change direction or make a 180 turn. I think one of the reasons for this is that the older you get the longer you have held a belief and the harder it will be to accept that you might be wrong / have been living a lie / wasted your life / and so on. So your ego makes you refuse everything that is conflicting with your beliefs.

    And also, the "truth" and "reality" of things is not something everyone appreciates or even want. And they also have no reason to be open minded because it's just easier to accept things right away than spending years exploring and searching.

    So to make a long story short - I think that open mindedness is in big part a personality trait that is hard to change. Either you have it, or you don't. It's a bit like some people are curious about life and some are not.

    • But sometimes open minded people can prove that that the 'close minded' people belief is wrong (for e. g. by critical thinking) and hence making the 'close minded' people agree on that and that those 'close minded' people can't argue... which will kind of cause them to be a bit curious on that specific topic, which is why I won't really say people will be 'close minded', and said 'more and more open-minded instead'. So you're last para isn't really valid?

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    • So.. therefore as you don't know about my age, I don't think you can help me to know whether I am normal or not amongst avrg people of my age. (I can't observe it between my classmates because they aren't my age, my grade went down because by default (native), I am not an English nor Chinese as native language and so during my school transfer from my total native lang. school to the diff lang. used for teaching in a school, I am forced to drop sadly...)

    • I think you should try not to worry about being "normal" or not. I'm sure most people now and then feel like they don't fit in or belong.

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  • I believe that when you grow up, you become a lot better at having a critical way thinking. Also, as you grow up, you meet different people from different backgrounds and different opinions, and I believe this helps you being more open-minded. You realize that ot everybody thinks like you and that it is perfectly fine. Also, with education, you learn about new things you didn't know before. For example, I became better at thinking critically after I had had philosophy classes.

    • Oh I was saying that I believe that anything can happen which will then led me to try to think of situations, and I am able to take in feedbacks :D. and I mean its kinda weird sometimes to me like for e. g. when people do quizzes on (e. g. feedbacks on sth), they seem to care lesser and tick them very fast (amazing - good - okay - bad - really bad) and I seem to take longer to do so as I carefully consider them. by the way you meant everybody as in everyone or ard my age-ppl..

  • As I grow I feel like I'm getting less open-minded to be honest.

    • So, you're open minded when you're matured and declines afterwards? But can I ask why?

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  • I dunno if you know what critical thinking or open-mindedness is.

    • Yeah i do, open-minded is like being able to accept ideas and not stubborn. Critical thinking is like thinking with knowing there are 'things' that needed to be considered while having more reasonable thoughts... sth like that. Why do you ask?