I care too much what people think and say?

My issue is that I have a lot of overthinking going on. Lately I am so terrified of people talking behind my back and ruining my reputation. I'm constantly afraid of what they're saying. I don't even have the guts to date because of the rumours that might come from that. So I hide everything I do. And it's exhausting. It's killing my strenght and energy.

I think a lot of what they say, what's might have been said and what they think. I don't want a bad rumour. I haven't done anything to have that on me. This is stopping me from living my life as I want to. I'm a girl. And a girl from my country can't date, have any guy friends or for that matter be seen with a guy without people making assumptions. And all the friends I have today that are guys I've had to tell to keep our friendship between us. I don't even have the guts to go out for a coffee with them. And to be honest; it's very exhausting. I can't imagine what my guy friends thinks of this because they always have to be careful, and there are those who don't understand and makes the whole situation a bit worse for me unintentionally.

I know I shouldn't care. But I can't seem to not care. It's becoming a burden. And it tears me apart; both mentally and physically.


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  • I think you're being paranoid, maybe find the cause of it?

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