I really feel like punching and smashing objects with my fists and head to let go of my anger, stress and frustration, do I really need serious help?

I hope I'm not being a burden to everyone but I'm a 20 year old community college male student just sick and tired and bottling everything up. I deal with a lot of stress from my family problems (living with my parents), job and school. I'm struggling with my current math class in community college with my highest test grade being a 67% for that class. I was never good at math to begin with but I'm taking more math classes in community college anyway to transfer to University and get a major in Software Engineering since the majority of other college degrees that doesn't require a lot of math classes are useless here in the US.

There were many times where I just felt like quitting college and just hanging myself since I'm just no use to society at all and doesn't know how to use real world common sense if it meant saving his own life. Before I enrolled in community college, I once have already attempted to enlist in the military to help my financial and family problems up a bit but was unfortunately permanently DQ'd for a very small medical reason (my amblyopia/lazy eye affecting my eye pupil movement on the check up phase in MEPS) so don't give me the military enlistment advice since that didn't work out for me either.

I've asked questions like this on GAG and the internet many times but in all honesty, I just never felt comfortable with being open with my frustrations and anger to anyone, not even to my family members (my parents can't help me worth crap). I've thought about talking to a psychologist but I don't know if I even have enough time and money for them.

Sorry if I just wasted your time, by the way.

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  • I am in the same boat. I'm 16 and I feel like I'm drowning taking Pre-Calculus in High school.. My test scores are always hardly passing and it's just upsetting. I Know exactly how you feel. I also wanted to be an engineer, aerospace or civil, and lately I've been discouraged because of this math thing. I think as a guy, or just as a different person, you tend to take out your anger more aggressively. I'd suggest trying to eliminate some of the stress in your life, if financially possible, move out of your parent's house, maybe try to get tutoring in math and ask your professor if they could offer help or know someone who could. I have to start doing the same thing because I just get so overwhelmed with everything that I get to the point that I just want to go home and sleep just to escape the stress. If that doesn't work, maybe go to anger management classes, if you need help, you should get it.

    • I'm already considering dropping out of/quitting community college because no matter how hard I try, even with going to the tutors, they all give me different methods of solving math problems, thus giving me confusions and headaches. Let's just face it, college really isn't for me if I can't even get passed simple math classes in CC like Plane Trigonometry, especially if I'm already ineligible for financial aid loads and struggle finding a scholarship that I qualify for.

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  • you have to find different ways of dealing with your anger. keeping it bottled up isn't going to help, because what happens when that bottle explodes? a small problem can easily get blown out of proportion and at the time it might seem bigger than it really is. if something gets you angry? don't dwell on all the negative things that could happen, because then it might become reality. instead think of all the positive things that could happen, make a plan and follow it. you might need to rewrite it sometimes but hey that's life that's what its all about.


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  • Hey, I understand your frustration. Working out helps me a lot. Buy a punching bag, that shits awesome.

    Is there a way you could leave your family? My family is stressful as fuck, I left for college, it helped a little. As far as math, most people have a hard time with math, as long as you're passing you should be fine. If you want to do better, you can try to get a tutor?

    • I often try to go to the tutors at my community college but it's always packed and I can't stay there for too long since I have to work afterwards. It's extremely difficult for me to find a private trigonometry tutor here in my area (Mesa, AZ) since most of them would only privately tutor someone if they feel like it, regardless of of whether or not you'll actually pay for their service.

    • That really sucks. Trig really sucks. There are some online things you can do that help with math. I can try to find out for you if you'd like.

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