If I buy an 8 gb phone can I make it like 16 or 32 gb?

If i buy an 8 gb phone can i make it like 16 or 32 gb?, and how much would it cost?
(Gb is the amount of storage on the phone)

I was getting the nexus 6

If i buy an 8 gb phone can i make it like 16 or 32 gb?
But its too much since i'm
getting a car and some other stuff

So i was looking for some phones that were cheaper and i found this one.

LG G Vista.

Its similiar to it..
but there's only one problem..

its only 8gb... i need at least 16gb.. the phone i have now is 8gb and it sucks only 4gb is usable so i at least want 16gb, Is there a way i can buy more storage like 16 or 32 gb's? and put it onto this phone? if so how can i do it and how much would it cost?

(Is there a chance i can buy the nexus 6 with like 8 gbs or 16 and buy it cheaper?
its 350, the highest i think i can go is 200 maybe 250. Then when i get it put more gb's of storage on it when i get more money?


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  • Look for phones with expandable memory.

    • Lol like, that's pretty much all you can do. Like if it's internal memory, short of techie sorcery, you can't change the GB. The most you can hope for is a phone that lets you use microsds or something.

    • how do i know if they are expandables.

    • Look up the phone specs... it'll say if it allows msd and up to how many GBs. For instance, most brands running android allow memory expansion but I know iPhone doesn't.
      It's not OS dependent, by the way. I only said that because there are a lot of different models running Android. I had a Sony, running android, that didn't have an expansion slot so...

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  • Not all phones have expandable memory. When looking look to see which phones do and if so how much you can expand the memory by.

    • how do i know if they are expandables.

    • Have a look online. You should be able to find it.

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