Sia - Elastic Heart feat video opinion?

I love video and music it shows really creative story and idea. Do you like the video and music?


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  • Sorry I stopped after 30 seconds. Now I cannot unsee...

    • unsee? why you stopped?

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    • haha no comment... that's the art in my opinion it's talking about drinking problems and how he's trying to stop drinking.

    • Oh okay, I see. Strange but different.

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  • I love song. I like video but not as much as song. I had to look for its meaning.

    • the point of video is art. I love their creativity and meaning because everyone is thinking different and that's what I like about video - creativity.

    • Yup, that's why I like it. I don't see MVs often but that was pretty good. Also, song is different than usual mainstream music.

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  • yeah i like sia's music and concepts in her videos. did u see the chandelier one at the oscars? that one was my favourite.

  • I definitely like it. It's not about pedophiles. I believe she said it had to do with her relationship to her father but I can't remember


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