Story behind me and my cousin? don't judge pleasee?

Its something im embarrassed about. Really embarrassed about. When we were younger we hardly saw each other but when we did it would be weird. I had a crush on one of my cousins and he liked me too. we made it obvious in elementary and they would keep watch of us when we were younger. Then time passed and we didn't see each other until middle school. Things started feeling weird. We started flirting. I think maybe because we were hitting puberty and hormones were all over the place. It was always innocent teasing and playful fighting.
Im happy nothing else happen. We dont see each other for about three years later and now it's really awkward. We're in high school. We don't talk to each other. Our family assumes things. Im really shy near him but I talk fine with everyone else and it's awkward when he comes to visit which he's going to do more often. I have always found him physically attractive and Im pretty sure he thinks the same towards me. He always stares at me and that has caused me to just stay the fuck away from him. It freaked me out when we started connecting in middle school. Now, I really want to treat him just like any family member but he's making it uncomfortable with the constant glances and always wanting to hug me when he leaves.
Don't judge me please. I will NEVER EVER want anything more than just a strict cousin relationship with him. How can I go about this when things are already awkward?


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  • Well it's only awkward because you're making it seem awkward, maybe think differently, think of him as your brother it should disgust you. But really you need to take a forceful line here and be strict.

    • You're completely right. I should act like it's no big deal. Thank you:)

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    • Yeah haha it's probably something I'll laugh at in the future 😂

    • Haha! that's true xD

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