What with all the gay kisses when I search "straight kisses"?

I'm doing this presentation of the "straight kiss" for college, and I'm really struggling to find a genuine kiss.

When I Google searched "straight kiss", the results came up with a bunch of gay men kiss and lesbians... WTF?

Is straight kisses becoming a taboo now?


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  • Because people don't call them straight kisses unless they're comparing them to gay kisses. Just like how we don't call marriage between a man and a women straight marriage unless we're comparing it to gay marriage.

    • Fair point actually. But why would, when I type "straight kiss" would all results be gay kisses?

    • It's probably because of the way the search engine is set up. Google images tends to looks for keywords used on the webpages to find images that relate to your search. So an image on a webpage that uses the words "straight" and "kiss" is going to be near the top of the search results. Since articles and blogs that focus on gays are more likely to use the word "straight" their images are more likely to be at the top of the search results.

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  • I don't know if they're becoming taboo but I do feel like gay men are much more public in their affections towards each other. Maybe try searching "man kissing woman or woman kissing man" instead?

  • I guess it's too boring...


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