How on Earth am I not fat?

OK, so I'm 6''4 and 205lbs.

I've gained roughly 7 kilos over the last month or so and I'm trying to reach 220lbs.

I eat so much... I pretty much have massive meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then snacks in between (usually eggs and other stuff).

My flatmates are astonished I'm not fat at all.

I also get a lot of hate from fat people, in particular women who seem to be quite bitter.


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  • You have a high metabolism; are you active at all as in work out or exercise a lot?

    • Quite a lot yes.

    • When you work out a lot, you can afford to eat a lot. Just don't stop working out; other wise, you need to stop eating as much.

  • Do you work out.

    You will get fat from suger. Which messes with your hormones.

    • Yes I do work out.

      I don't eat bad sugars.

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    • Who on Earth would want to get fat?

      I said nothing about getting fat.

    • Well good day to you sir.