Navel Piercing still infected?

Okay girls! I've had my belly piercing for 14 months and it's still infected! I wash it with antibacterial soap everynight but i don't put neospirion on it because I don't think it's good for it. But girls if you have one, I need info for faster healing! I wanna change the ring so bad!

So let me know what you do and if it has healed fast? Any tips or info would be good!! Thank y'all so much!


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  • Maybe your skin react bad to fake jewelry. You can try white gold or gold to see if that will make a difference. I have the same problems if I put fake earrings in my ears.


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  • 14 months? That's ridiculously long. You should go to a doctor. It sounds like an allergic reaction from the skin. I think your body doesn't accept it.

    • I went to the piercer and it was rejecting :'(

    • That's unfortunate. Some people just can't have piercings...