Has this ever happened to you?

So about 2 years ago i started hanging out with new friends more mature young adults and they r completely diffrent to the ones I hanged before. For example some of my guy friends will open the door for me or if we are walking on the sidewalk they will move me to other side. I told my friend why? He is like incase something happen I can push you to the side and nothing happens to u. stuff like that they r gentlemen. My friends before were a bunch of hypocrites n lazy, selfish I no longer have contact with them. But my question is when guy's act like that with manners its so strange to me like I didn't grow up with guys opening the door for me or moving me to the side stuff like that. Sometimes I am the one opening the door for guys. But I truly appreciate when the do this.


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  • YES! Thank you! There is hope!
    It drives me crazy when I see guys walking with their girl and she's right on the edge of the curb... LOL
    Glad to hear there are still gentlemen out there! That's how it should be!

    • Yeah I was suprised to I thought guys werent gentleman and its really nice to see them do this kind of things.

    • haha a rare breed, but not extinct yet...

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