Can you help me with this gift for my friend? Please?

So she is turning 19. So I was thinking I will take A4 sized sheets and do something fun for her. Like I was thinking on one page we can play how well do we know each other and then on the other page I will make a crossword but I don't know exactly what the crossword should be about?


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  • You could make the cross word about events that the two of you have experienced together or secrets you have shared the possibilities are endless

    • Thank you! :)
      Are these both ideas good? The crossword one and the how well do I know you game?

    • I hadn't thought about it but they would work for both actually

    • Yes I think they are wonderful ideas. They show originality and creativity

  • Well I gifted my buddy a hard drive of 500GB with collection of porn of 100gb HD on it guess what he liked, it lot, he said it was the best gift since he is not good at English and surfing the Internet and does not know where to find and how to find quality stuff.

    I am not saying your idea is bad or outdated or childish! But since you are +18 you should add some flavor of adulthood.
    Like In your crossword include names of her crush your crush hook ups,
    Celebrity crush! The guys who cheated on you and your friends, guys you wanted To bang! The pervert, the gay people's who tried to approach you.
    , she is 19 the nasty the better.


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