Seems like a double standard to me?

I don't know if others have noticed this but it really irks me that if a girl talks about babies in any manor, except maybe saying they don't want them, people, especially guys, act as if the girl is baby-crazy and to stear clear of her. But, i've had several guy friends say "we'd make beautiful babies" about some other girl. Or "when I have kids.." etc and nobody thinks twice. It feels like a double standard/sexism and I wondered if anyone else has experienced this too.


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  • it's because a girl can protect herself easier against a "baby crazy" guy, whereas a guy will have a harder time protecting himself against a "baby crazy" girl. It's easier for her to "forget" the pill, and cause an "accidental" tearing in a condom, than it is for him to trick her (given how he can't really controll her taking the pill).

    Also it's the fact that girls got a bigger rep for baby trapping.

    THAT is why a "baby crazy" girl is by some seen as a red flag, whereas for guys it's not so.

    • I guess that makes sense, didn't think about that, hence the request for other opinions. Thanks

    • see? People throw "sexist" way too easily when something is different that doesn't benefit them.

      This is a simple risk vs reward calculation, and it is VASTLY more risky for the guy. Hence why it's natural for the guy to be proportionately more cautious.

    • Well as my female friend did say though, women do have a more condensed window for children so it makes a little more sense for them to be thinking about having children. Men can father children into the seniority, women have to think about that far sooner...

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  • Emmm no, never seen this. I think you're trying too hard to find something to call sexist.

    • I've had 3 different guys make these kinds of comments about babies and then at least one of them has also in unrelated conversations called one of our other friends baby crazy... I guess that's what I'm referring to, not all guys, but some I know will criticize women about wanting children and such then make similar comments in another conversation. Maybe not sexist but definitely double standards..

  • I've never heard that at all. All I've heard was if a woman says she likes children, people will say she'll he a good mother one day. And if a man says he likes children, he is automatically branded as a paedo.


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