Would you stay or leave auch a job?

I am an expat- work in an insitution that greatly deteriorated over the last two years due to bad management and an insane desire to control people. Each time something happens I get stressed but later say to myself it will be better, and this is wrong. Now the problems escalated and I feel I can be fired anytime because I am under the dissection of the boss due to my 'history' in discussing ideas and not welcoming some ridiculous changes. My company has a history of firing employees without any reason and also them leaving every year. I should have started to look for a job earlier, but now I feel stupid. I am in a difficult dilemma: I can't just leave with no other job in hand because of financial commitmemt , but I am feeling tense and stressed at staying, especially that I was told the boss doesn't like my attitude. What can I do? Thanks


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  • That doesn't sound stable. I would look for other jobs