What does true love mean? Who do some people say it's gone or losing?

What does it mean in the first place? Just wondering

shit... I meant why do*


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  • TRUE LOVE MATE... ah mon amie.

    It's when you've accepted everything about a person. Everything.

    It's when you need that person in your life, always and forever in some capacity.

    It's when that persons happiness it's as big as a priority as your own.( no matter what it is that makes them happy, if you have it in your power to do it, you will)

    It's when your gravity shifts, it's what keeps you breathing, it's like poison to be without them, and the best medicine with them.

    It's unconditional! For worse or for better you stay with them forever.

    Its feeling powerful and powerless all in one. It's uncertainty, it's vulnerability, it's insanity lol.

    There's a lot to true love brahhh, hard to explain I don't know. I just went with how My girlfriend makes me feel haha.

    • Brother you are very deep in describing this feeling. I would guess you must have felt it.

    • Lol Yea, I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere in true lovesville.

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