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Long story short. I would make eye contact with this guy last year. It started a couple weeks before school ended. I. had to leave class early on the last day unfortunately. I saw him again last week for the first time. I was talking to my friend when i spotted him walking the opposite direction. He saw me and walked towards my direction. I looked away because my friend was getting excited about something. He passed by really close to me.
I was thinking of talking to him for a while then asking for his number. How would you guys react if a girl asked for your number?


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  • I dont see anything wrong with a girl asking for a guys number. I mean the guy would eventually ask for your number sooner or later if he liked you

    • Yeah but is it straightforward if it's the first time we are talking.

    • No i dont think so, just be like " hey I have to go but you should give me your number so we can talk"

    • Oh that's not a bad idea. Thank you

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