Why do certain girls and guys play me, or act like an ass to me when I been nothing but good to them?

This is really making me wonder if something is wrong with me. Or maybe something is wrong with the people I'm chosen to have in my life. Like for an example, there has been guy's i have actually like and wanted to be more then friend's or either wanted to take the relationship to the next level. But in the end the guy's end up being way to controlling, crazy, or just sick in the head and no good for me. And even with certain girl's, Ike a situation just went down. This girl i went to school with and knew her about 4-5 year's she just try to set me up. And i been nothing but good for her and a real true friend, but that shit she just pulled that was pretty fuck up. And even with this guy I was sexually involved with, he was in and out of my life... And when he wanted to have sex that's the only time well most of the times he'll come around. But him and i had a disagreement and i told him that i don't think that him and I should talk anymore he was like ok 👌 we don't have to talk anymore. Like i give you my body but now you wanna be done with me like WTF. And the same thing with certain friends girls and guys they only come around when they need or want my help. I been nothing but good to the fair amount of these idiots and I'm the one that gets hurt in the end. When they need me, I'm there for them. But when i need them.. It's bs from the side. So why is this happen did i so something wrong, am i way to nice or other?


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  • they are pain in ass