My friend cuts, has depression.. etc. Blah blah I'm concerned about her. I want her to get help what should I do?

She comes over everyday with more and more cuts and burns she crys almost everytime I see her. She says she's hurting inside. Also she says she gets urges to cut like it sucks her in and holds on with a tight grasp and it hurts a lot like she just wants to curl up into a ball and forget the world.. be free because society has destroyed her in many ways almost to much to count. Some days she can't even get out of bed without comparing her to someone else or having second thoughts about something or having anxiety about multiple things. She hates the way she looks. She cuts over and over again but it's never enough she wants to hurt more everyone says she's worth the world, she's beautiful they say but the way she feels.. it's just never good enough to hear or see. She can barely look into a mirror with out doubting herself. She doesn't feel welcome she doesn't feel safe she doesn't feel a single feather that hits her pure white skin. She feels ugly. She doesn't want to live or be this way anymore. Please help me. Please.. there's not much left for me.


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  • All you can do is encourage her to see a psychiatrist and maybe even make the appointment for her. Cutting is self harm and you could contact authorities and have her picked up and evaluated


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