Do I fit in more as a boy or a Girl?

Hi, I'm so confused about my gender, whether I'm a boy or a girl. I enjoy dressing up as a girl which makes me feel more like myself. I walk like a girl, the style of talking is more like a girl then a boy, I would rather giggle then laugh out loud. I don't like the rude boy jokes, I don't actually swear, I would rather watch then play sport. And I act a lot like a girl. Plus I don't feel comfortable doing boyly stuffs. And I rarely play video game. But everyone see me as a boy because I look like one.:( I think I might be transgender, I always wanted I be a girl...


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  • You're either a cross-dresser or transgender. Figure out whether you would want your dick chopped off or you just want to wear chick's clothes.
    I've got nothing against it because I used to do it in high school. I wasn't transgender or gay, I just preferred a more feminine look.

    • I would if that's what it's take for others to consider me as a girl. But I'm not a big fan of surgeries.

    • Also remember that you don't have to give yourself a label. I never liked it when people tried to label me as a "cross-dresser" because I didn't consider myself to be a woman, just dress in clothes and make-up made for women.
      If people are trying to force a label on you like transgender or confused etc. ignore them as best as possible because they might influence your decision for you. It's up to you and what makes you happy, nobody else's opinion matters.

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