When did the messages on Instagram start having that 'seen' thing like Facebook has with the checkmark?

I honestly don't remember it being an option before. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Yesterday I sent a friend a message on ig and he didn't respond. Today I check the message and it said that it'd been seen with just the word 'seen' on the bottom of my message. This seen message alert thing is new on Instagram right?


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  • It happened during the last full moon when the internet fairies make their regular changes.

    • No really though... has it always been like that? I've just never noticed it? (Or the person just hadn't seen it at all or they've actually replied)

    • The web developers make changes all the time. I worked as one for a short period and know how those small change decisions are made: credit, glory and possible commission. Every developer for a company wants to advise the best new idea and get credit for it. So some dork probably came up with that idea at last minute and had Instagram make that change.

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