How do I remove the "spotlight effect"?

Too much self consciousness and I always feel like everybody is watching me. Please help. It makes me become awkward and unconfident because I feel like people judge me in a negative way because of it.


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  • It's something you have to conciously work on. If you think someone is watching you, take a deep breath remind yourself they're really not and they don't care, and move on. It will def get easier the more you train your brain to focus on other things.


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  • I don't know why are you on spotliht to being with? I would only be there when my moms around.

  • You mean you suffer from anxiety and paranoia?

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    • I don't get how this is such a problem, do people approach you all the time, stare at you? I suspect a lot of this is you imagining the attention,.

    • I mean, I just hate attention tbh.

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