What do you do when a person you care deeky about makes you feel like a failure (without saying it)?

how do you deal with a person that you love and care about their opinion when they have a tendency to remind you have you can't find a boyfriend.

So this person always says it jokingly, but it hurts everytime because i feel like im failing infront of them and the few times i have told that person that im looking for something serious, and most guys dont cut it, that person tells me not to take things to seriously and just have some fun.

So we obivously have very different views on this, but its more the fact that im "failing" i or that im not "good enough" in front og this person then not finding someone that hurts the most. I dont know what to do i just want this person to aprove of me and be proude of me.

Its making me feel so bad about myself.. so what can i do? i know its my life and i should only live it the way i want to, but it shouldn't be that hard for an non-shy and non-repulsive girl to get a boyfriend right?


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  • I think that he's acting very inappropriately and that you should at least tell him to please stop. Unless you're actually like thirteen guys will not even consider trying to make a girl feel bad. I guarantee that he isn't doing it to make you feel bad, he thinks that he's playing with you. And as for getting a boyfriend, finding a SO is hard even if you aren't ugly or shy.


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