Do you think guys on here like chubbier/curvier women than most?

I always see guys loving really curvy women on here, with big boobs and ass but a tad of fat - which is totally different of what I see on the medias and in my day to day life. Do you agree?

YES I know there are guys on here who like athletic or skinny girls too - that's not what I'm asking.

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  • Yeah I've definitely noticed this too, like there was an average looking girl who was clearly overweight, looked borderline obese actually, who was asking for a rate, and many guys were giving her 7/10's even though if you asked an average person on the street she probably would have gotten something like 3/10's.

    • Exactly! I always see this kinda thing - and hate on skinnier girls.
      Do you have any idea why though?

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    • Do you think that it's because, as most people on here are """"loners"""" (sorry for that) and not in shape, they think that chubby girls are on their league and understand them? While skinny attractive girls are necessarily bitchy and the kind of girl who would ignore them and all?

    • I wouldn't be surprised, there are definitely some loners around here so they might hate on hot girls because they have had bad experiences with girls like them.

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  • I have not paid enough attention to know


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  • i definitely like a woman with some curves... not a big fan of skinny girls

  • Fat guys probably like them.


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