What makes these so different?

I'm young enough for the world to believe I have my whole life ahead of me but to old for people online. I'm pretty enough for guys to tell me so in real life but according to online I'm not pretty at all. What makes online and reality so different? Are you more honest online or in real life?


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  • Well, on this forum specifically most peole are in their teenage years or very early 20s. And in their eyes anyone who is older that 25 is literally old. Most of them are also in a dysfunctional relationship (bf/gf, married or hook up) and have a kid whom they can't support,. They also believe that no one can have a healthy baby past the age of 29 and anyone not married by then is a loser.

    • I have seen a lot of that.

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  • Online is more honest, but also more bitter. So, you have to tell where honest stops and bitter starts.
    Think about it, would you be able to tell someone that their life is preactically over? No. Would you be able to type it on an anonymous site? Yes.

    • I am a painfully honest person either way that's a good and bad thing but I also look at a whole picture before I say anything and try to find the good in everyone.

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