This girl looked at me when I was arguing with a guy at mcdonalds?

Basically said girl had jumped the line at mcdonalds, and some women in the queue told her off (I was in the queue too, but didn't care). 2 guys behind me did the same, but i didn't care and stayed in the queue but the lady at the till was so slow i moved to the till next to the 2 guys. 1 of them started some shit with me, and I told him i was in front of him anyways. I just finished with "come one man" and looked away and stayed. I only exchanged 2 sentences with him. Then said girl stared at me while waiting for her food. Was this because of my accent (american living in london) or something else you think?

(Also, I was so close to being rude with him I almost said Are you blind or what? Realising his eyes were crossed. Fortunatly, I didn't go there.)


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  • Omg that's funny for me. Yeah maybe ur accent


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