Why are Moderators and Admin quick to remove some posts and not others?

I asked a question that was hidden very quickly by a certain Moderator and removed very quickly by Admin.

So why are comments like this still not removed after an hour since being reported?

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  • It's called a judgment call if you cross the line. Actually they don't remove enough.


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  • 1. Moderators cannot remove or hide posts. We can only report them just a you would do.

    2. Moderators can hide opinions and comments. Sometimes, whether something should be removed is debatable. Sometimes, it may not come to a moderator's attention. Moderators do not scan this site; we use it as any other user would do, and we report or hide objectionable items as we encounter them.

    • So why was a question I asked hidden by a moderator, straight after she'd written a comment? Within minutes it was deleted by admin.

      When I report a bad opinion, it took maybe 24 hours to be removed.

    • Sometimes I report a post and it takes 24 hours for it to be removed. It appears to be unpredictable and I assume a function of how much admin staff is working at the time.

    • OK! Thanks!

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  • Because some mods are easily butthurt over about anything that even remotely goes against their thinking, while others aren't.

  • You ask this in the most biased forum on the internet.

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