Life is ruined, dad is mad because I turned down a job?

I hate my life and I want to die. First off i moved out with a guy who i thought loved me. He cheated on me, kicked me out, and used me and my money to get an apartment. Now im back at home with my judgmental dad. I had to return the aprtment keys to that jackass. Now he told my dad i stole his weed and that I smoke. I turned down a job that pays only $8 dollars and hour to try to get a job that pays $12 an hour. I have an interview tomorrow. Weather I smoke weed or not im trying to get a bank job not some fast food job. My dad is pissed at me because I didn't want to take that job. Now he thinks I didn't want to do the drug test. Im getting yelled at and I have to move out before February. What the hell do I do? Why is my dad ao mad that im picky about jobs? And why is my ex still somehow ruining my life even more?


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  • Now that you sadly and badly Once again find yourself under the Rule of thumb Roof with this iron fist here, dear, you may as well prepare to suck it up and either listen with your hands over your ears with dad who has had these Years Or move Out... Way Before February. You did it before with the other bore, you can do it again.
    I don't like to point fingers, however, it's Good that you have learned a little lesson in love and in life with a loser who Used and Abused you. Let someone other Sally put up with him down this Ascine Alley, you are far better off with Mad dad, believe me.
    Try and get along, maker the most of it. I believe that if you Suck up to Daddy Dearest for his Fatherly advice, any job, whether it is Peanuts or Big nuts, will finally become part of the House that was once divided and some Unity, More Invited while living there to share and bear.
    Good luck and crossing my fingers for the interview. xx

    • Thank you for the upvote. xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, and I am confident you will work this out. xxoo

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  • You should have told the lower paying job that you have multiple offers right now and you'll make your decision in the coming days rather than turning it down immediately. Then make your decision after your next interview.

    But since you didn't you're stuck putting up with your dad for the time being. Your dad is mad because it appears to him you aren't making an effort. If you weren't going to take that job you shouldn't have applied for it. Since most interviews you go to, especially higher paying jobs, won't result in an offer your dad sees that you're on track to stay not working for the coming months.

  • And thats exactly why you dont steal weed from people.

    Anyway you dont have a job, you're supposed to move out in a 3 months, and you still turned down a job? Thats so fucking irresponsible, what happens if you dont get the $12/h job? And your ex is ruining your life because you stole from him, what do you expect?

    • Im not sure if im being forced to move out or not and for gods sakes i just turned 18 i was just a high schooler

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    • I ony stole be ause he cheated on me right in front of me i think he deserved it.

    • Maybe, but he obviously doesn't agree and thats why he's trying to fuck up your life.

  • He's pissed because you dated a loser, smoke weed and aren't doing enough to be on your own. Your dad is not ruining you. He's trying to get you to GROW UP and be a RESPONSIBLE ADULT! That's what dads are SUPPOSED TO DO if they actually GIVE A SHIT!!!

    • Im saying my ex ruined my life

    • Once you determine and decide to take responsibility for your life, it doesn't matter what your dad or ex do. They don't control your destiny. You do!

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