What you think alien or not?


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  • Did you know that animals can make themselves abort the babies as part of a fight or flight reaction?
    It looks like an underdeveloped calf that got eaten by something.
    Not an alien, chill out

    • This can be possible sounds about right still it isn't the only one they seen , there's been several people around my area that been seeing weird creatures since that weird light that the government said it was just a "Military thing"

    • Yes, a lot of animals abort their babies if they feel that it will come out deformed, also have you seen a skinned cat at all?
      Not likely, its not pretty and it looks similar to that aborted calf.
      It has hooves, use your brain please.

    • Yeah I seen them before I still think is pretty strange , it was at a backyard what is a big animal going to be doing there lol

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  • Didn't click the link, cuz I believe aliens exist, but most likely similar to bacteria form.

    That thing, that could've been:
    A) a mutated creature
    B) Something someone created
    C) a skinned animal

  • So you're telling me an alien came through the depths of space... Trillions of miles... And then it dies? Right there? I need better data than this picture. There is no indication that it would be an alien, so why do you it might be?


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  • I don't believe in aliens but that looks like an alien:)