Im so sad right now, can you please tell me something good or give me any advise?

I like being with the guys of my neighborhood because every girl that lives near me hates me, so I prefer to be with boys. The girls have always hated me because they are jealous that many of the boys liked me at least once (I just had one boyfriend of my neighborhood. I had a relationship with one of them 2 years ago and we broke up after a month. Then last year in November I kissed with a guy because we liked each other. Then we continue kissing until I just realized he was using me (I like him though). Today he spanked me because he thinks he has control over me. The boys that are supposed to be my friends satrted laughing and I just felt so bad. Im so sad right now. PLEASE I HOPE SOMEONE RESPONDS.


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  • The girls only hate u bc theyre jealous that u r pretty and all the boys like u. And dont worry about the guys. Theyre just laughing about u being spanked not laughing at u. U can just laugh back or whatever and theyll still be friends. I understand that it may have hurt your feelings but i dont think thats what the guy's intentions were. They just wanna have fun and laugh at stupid random stuff and im sure theyre still friends with u. But i would be careful if your only friends are guys. Sometimes guys can get aggressive and do something stupid and may hurt u. I would try o make some girl friends bc girls should stick together to protect themselves from stupid guys. Thats why i hardly ever see a girl alone. They are always in groups which is a good thing to have. But guys can also protect u, but only if u trust them. Usually if its all guys and one girl i dont think its a good combination. Try to find a girl friend to join the group so u are at least not on your own.

    • Thanks for your opinion. It really gets me better. I know I should get girl friends, but they don't like to be with me, and the ones that do they never get out of their houses. This boy that spanked me is a playboy and I fall for him and that's why I also felt bad.

    • Ok well its up to what u wanna do, but maybe u could hang out with some of the girls at their houses or something. Get to know them a little and then maybe u can convince them to go and do stuff with u. They might even like the idea of hanging out with guys even if it makes them nervous.

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  • I have the same problem. i dont have any friends my best friends started dating and ditched me.
    you should message me and we should talk
    possitivelife97@myself. com