Describe your style and what style you find most attractive in a romantic interest?

The poll is for your romantic interests style.

There are many ways you can pick.

Preppy (clean cut/ clothing that costs a pretty penny/ dressing privileged) for instance ever watch or see Blair Waldorf from gossip girl? Her style is preppy.

Sporty (laid back but in a stylish way) off the shoulder baggy shirts. Jersey styles shirts. Anything you would wear when playing a sport (basketball/football/tennis/working out/ etc.) But it's designed to fit the body in a stylish way.

Hipster (crop tops/ high waist jeans) Taylor Swift kinda has this style down.

Goth (A lot of black) dark thick black eyeliner. Think Evanescence. Addams family. Vampires.

Punk (bright colors) leather jackets chains. Band t-shirts.

Honestly I personally like all these. I don't have a specific style. Ill wear anything if I like it. But I want to see what you normally find the most attractive style.
Preppy normally intimidates me. They usually look very proper and have a lot of money.
I like the rocker look on guys. So probably punk is the closest. Just no makeup. I like fohawks and band t-shirts leather/ military jackets. Tattoos/ piercings (in moderation).
There are more styles and plenty of in between. I was just trying to help give you ideas.

  • Preppy
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  • Sporty
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  • Hipster
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  • Goth
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  • Punk
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  • Other... explain?
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  • punk/rocker and punk/rocker.


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What Guys Said 3

  • My style is casual, I like sporty girls

  • I'd prefer nerdy like my girlfriend

  • Loner, most likely.


What Girls Said 9

  • I just wear black, and the odd times I'll wear white or grey. I like to stick to basic colours and I know that it flatters me and makes me look good. I don't have any odd piercings that are visible, I wouldn't say I fall into any of these categories because I'm a huge girl but just wear solely black. The only thing that is coloured are my nails and or my make up.

    • That's a lot like me. But I fit closer to punk style usually but I'd wear crop tops and high waist jeans too. Or pretty flower dresses. Lol I'm all over the place.

  • I apparently have no style.

    Unless you can tell me what jeans from 2010 and t-shirts from 2002 count as in terms of style.

    • I'd have to see them. It's not about the year it's about the make. Some times people don't have a specific style. Like me. I like it all pretty much.

    • I don't though. Grub? Is that a style? I don't buy new stuff or fancy stuff. I still wear the free shirts I got when I was 8 at camp lol cause they still fit.

    • Is that you in your profile picture. If it is you're beautiful you probably can pull off the grub style. And I'd say your probably described as laid back. Relaxed.

  • I wear all black clothing and I dress really well, I love presenting myself well and I expect that in a partner as well. I don't have a gothic or punk style but I prefer darker clothes. Maybe more like city pinup kind of thing? I don't care what my partners style is but I love the classic jeans, white shirt and leather jacket look which is similar to mine.

  • I change from day to day... I'm sure you can tell that I have the skater look down in my profile picture but that's only one of them.

    Sometimes I go after the sporty look, the girly look, the sophisticated look, etc. It all depends on my mood.

  • I vary between preppy and western/farm girl. Weird right? I'm equally comfortable in both. I'm modest, so i Iike preppy clothing. Because I live on a farm I also like the rustic look.

    On guys, anything but goth, hipster, punk, and above all... no skinny jeans. Not that Im picky... 😁

  • im pretty hipster as well

  • punk/rocker and punk/rocker.! Damn I didn't get here on time.

  • I guess my style is sporty... and sometimes a bit hipster.

  • it all depends on my mood
    and for my so it depends on what suits him most and what he likes

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