Why do Republican Debators keep talking trash about Hilary Clinton?

Honestly just focus on your own strengths rather than competing with Hilary Clinton.

I dunno about you but I make way more money now than I did before Obama.


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  • I'm honestly wondering if they know how to do anything other than talk trash. If they're not bashing Hilary, it's Starbucks, "Teh Gays", planned parenthood, women, Muslims, or each other. I seriously wonder if they can say anything good about anyone.

    • Lol I dunno either.

      Winners encourage and praise.
      Losers criticize and trash talk.

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    • Politics are bs anyways. Change happens through us, the people, not just switching someone in and out of the Oval Office.

    • I don't know.. I'd say politics are us.

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  • Because Hillary is a ruthless liar. As for you making more money than you did before Obama, if your age is correct you were just a kid. And as for Hillary, I saw a news clip today of a man at one of her campaign events tell Hillary that he would love to strangle Carlie Figorino " spelling of her name might be wrong" . Do you know what Hillary Clinton did, she laughed. Can you imagine if a male candidate laughed at a comment like that. Let alone if a conservative woman laughed at it. That would be all you would hear about on the mainstream media. Hillary has so many skeletons in her closet. I'll go on if you want to.


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  • Hillary is the presumptive nominee of the dems which the gop nominee will compete with. I'm not sure how that doesn't make sense to you.

    • It makes sense but instead of bashing her why not give her credit where it's due and focusing primarily on your own strengths?

    • @Asker it is not typical for political opponents to give each other credit. I didn't see hillary talking positive about any of the Republican front runners either. It's also politically risky to talk positively about anyone currently under investigation by the FBI.

  • Income always rises dramatically in your 20's. That happens without regard to the political party in power.

    • Either way, thanks God, thanks Obama.

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    • I am living abundantly and the Lord has blessed me to cover all my needs. I have food on my table and money in my bank. Why not give thanks?

    • I did not question you wanting to thank God.