Is it good to the type of person that rides things out to the end?

So i wonder if is good to ride things out to the end. I a little bad for being this type of guy. I dont like to give up easy and so I fight to the end. It seems though that every time i do this i seem to sacrifice time and money. Money is the least of my worries. But time is something you can't ever get back? Relationships i ride them out as much as i can. Jobs i do the same thing. So what do you guys think?


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  • If you aren't feeling fulfilled in a relationship, or you feel compromised to the point you're unhappy and wishing your partner would change in some way or other, then you need to end the relationship, because yes, you will be wasting your own time, and no amount of hoping or pressuring will force someone to change, or by extension, the relationship.


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  • Actually I like a guy who can hold out no matter how bad things get

    • That makes him a doormat. People shouldn't stay in relationships where they feel compromised, just for the sake of "riding it out". I'd have no respect for a man like that, or a woman who expects that from a man.

    • @shadowlegend my opinion and I don't care what you think :)

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