I lied to my insurance company/ police about who was driving during a car crash but I amended the police report. Can the insurance company still sue?

My boyfriend was side swiped by a truck. I had claimed that I was driving to police and insurance but I amended the police report. While talking to the police they told me there was a police witness to claim that the other driver was found at fault not us. So the other drivers insurance company should still have to pay to fix our car. Can the insurance company still come after me even though I told the police the truth now and I haven't received any money yet from insurance. Thoughts?


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  • I know when my ex wreck my car. I told my insurance company I was driving but they pulled the police report and found she was driving and I had to pay back the payoff amount they have me for my car.
    I would say of they know he was driving then, it could be possible your insurance company won't pay you.
    You can call a lawyer to see what your options are but, you should call the insurance company first to find out what's going on

    • What's the best way to go about a telling my insurance company? according to the police report the other driver is still being found at fault so my insurance company shouldn't actually have to pay me anything

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      I'm glad I could help.

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  • No that's not likely, but they can cancel your policy or refuse to renew. As a back up, I'd go out and quote another insurance company before any action is taken and be prepared to make a change before that happens. You don't wanna be in a position where your policy is cancelled and you are trying to get a new one without one already in place.

  • They will find out that you were not driving.


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