Is everyone racist when angry?

I apparently just discovered tonight that when anyone gets angry they get racist thoughts. What racist thoughts do you think when you get mad?


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  • People who are closeted racist will show their true colors at a given race when angry.

    • BINGO. Someone finally gets it... AND answered it.

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  • Almost everyone get super defensive when they get angry , I don't know about more racist per say

    • Well if someone gets into a discussion with a black person then out of nowhere they call them a ni##4r because they are angry I was told that everyone does this. I don't do this and was curious if everyone else did.

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    • Yes , I would be interested in seeing it. I am only answering for myself mind you. Other parts of the country or the world for that matter may have a different mind set tho

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  • nope. I find more interesting things than race to be mean over when people piss me off

    • *pokes you with a twig*

    • *ouch*

    • Ha you didn't get mad. Next time I might aim for the eye.

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  • is it racism if you have an opinion based on race after being close friends with and dating most of them?

    cause i only have less islamic, less darker skinned, less ghetto people as friends as i got older and race had nothing to do with it but i feel stereo types are based on truth.

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