I give people the death stare because im insecure?

Im insecure in a lot of ways, but one area where i dont consider myself inscure is when it comes to my looks. Sure , i second guess them every now nad then, but on a general basis i dont think there is anything wrong with the wway i look.

I like to make an effort to look nice, and do my hair and stuff and it makes me feel way better about myself and im in a general better mood. But getting up on time is my weak point so i abrely have any time during the week to atcually make an effort.

So many days i just put on random stuff and i feel like i look like shit, so i end up feeling like shit. And whenever a guy checks me out, even if he's hot, i'll get anoyed because i feel like he's look at me because i look like crap. And i dont want people to do so. And on top of that i probalry give them the death stare, not because i dislike them, but because im generally in a bad mood and i get self awre when people look at me. I feel like shit often, and i think a lot of people cath on about that.. And you can't forget eyeconact in general.. unelss im talking to the person, i have problems holding eye conatct withj gusy i find attractive.. i freak out on the inside

And when i meet a guy, and we start talking, i have problems showing interest, the guy has to show me that he's interested ( by asking me out on the 2-3 first dates) because i guess a aprt of me need to know if im setting myself up to get disapointed or not. I dont do a lot of these thing conciously, but i can't help it either.

im sick of feeling like shoit and acting like this towards guys... any advice on how to fix this?


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  • Yep. Put some more effort into being less of a douche. Let me guess, not only do you need to be asked out on the first 2-3 dates, you also think that whoever asks the other out on a date should pay. Am I right? I think subconsciously you feel like you're a prize to be won, and men should compete with each other any pay you for your time.

    Why don't you stop fretting over the clothes you choose to wear and start fretting about cultivating some actual human capital. You appearance only serves one function, and as soon as a guy notices you, that function is done. The rest is what you are on the inside.

    • No, we pay for Our own shit. Unless the guy insists. And I only want him because that way I know he's interested.. because I feel like if he doesn't he isn't really that into me, which makes me feel insecure and I back off.

      There is nothing amazing about me, why on earth would I be a "prize" wouldn't be a very good prize in that case.

      Im have issue im working in and I want to be a better person , but im insecurities always gets the best of me.. so I guys subconsciously I act uninterested so that I dont get rejected in any shape or form. .

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    • "No, we pay for Our own shit."
      What's this "we" shit? Do you have head mates? And why did you capitalize the 'o' in 'Our?' Are you [all] God?

      If a guy asks you out on a date, he's fucking interested. I would NEVER ask someone on a date I wasn't interested in. That doesn't even make sense.

      Your root problem is you lack self-respect. Everything else is a product of that (self-esteem, and an accurate self-image). That's why you can't be convinced a guy would ever be interested in you even though he has approached you, twice, shouldered the risk of rejection, stood by to pay for the dates (because be hones, women are whores and men know it, and he doesn't know that you in particular are not a whore), and you still don't think he could want to be with someone like you.

      I'm guessing your father was absent and your mother systematically eroded your sense of self-worth your entire life.

      Forget about men. Do you for a while. Get GOOD at something for your own sake. Self-respect will follow.

    • And I though I had problems lol whatever dude

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  • most likely asperger's...

  • Stop giving people the evil eye...

    • Its my face. . I can't help it.. I have a resting bitch face, but the fact that Im insecure and feel like shit makes it worse

    • Can you try other faces besides "resting bitch"?

    • My face does that naturally. . And like I said I feel like crap, so im not going to go around and smile.. it would only look fake and feel fake..

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