I'm sick of this life?

I'm sick of life not that I don't appreciate it but after you've had so many unfortunate things happen to you that you couldn't prevent a bad bad fammily. Even if I move away I feel as if I'm always Gona be trapped in this downer depression I'm in. I don't want to go on an antidepressant because it's not natural. I just wish I could be a kid again I never got to grow up and now I'm 23 years old. Parents didn't even bother trying to pay for college are uni b c they're bad parents. Some people are not ment for each other and are not meant to be parents. Not suicidal really but I have been thinking about death and how useless and unhappy I'm gona be. Please don't tell me to commit suicide b c that's not why Im writing this I need some guidance I really really hate my fammily especially my little brother he doesn't realise how much I dislike him and want him out of my life.


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  • Um get a part time job and student loans like most people do who go to college if you want to go. You're the only thing stopping you. Why the hell are you 23 and still living off your parents anyways?