Someone that knows how to ''read'' dreams, please help me?

So, for some time I've had the same dream at least once a week.
The dream is, that we have just moved to a new house (we have in real life too though) and somewhere in the dream, I go outside with my little brother and little sister (I do have a little brother, but not a little sister, only two older sisters) and I look at them while they play on the swings in a sandbox.
We're on the ground between our house and our neighbors house, which in the dream is lime green and the neighbors are sitting in the window, looking at us.
(It's not my real neighbors, I don't know who it is. It's a chubby man with brown hair and a brown beard, and some woman I think)
Then my neighbor (the man) knocks on the window, and I look up.
He then gives me the finger, and starts shouting ''idiot'' at me, and stuff like that.
And then I wake up, or my mother wakes me.
It's always always always timed like that.
What could/does this mean?


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  • I don't know how to read dreams but I'll give it a shot lol
    Now since this is a recurring dream, it must mean that something's been on your mind a lot
    Have you had any good or bad experiences with your neighbors at all?
    Have you had any low self esteem lately?

    • low self esteem, yes.
      But nothing about my neighbors, because I just moved here so I don't even know who my neighbors are

    • Well the "idiot" part makes me think that that's the low self esteem. This dream is so confusing lol I don't even get the siblings part :-\

    • hahhah